About Us



The spirit of Indigenous children and families in our community is nurtured to love, laugh, play, and achieve their dreams.

Their unique cultural traditions are recognized and valued within a safe, respectful society.


The Spirit of the Children Society walks in love, honor and respect to learn, share our identity, and heal together




At the Spirit of the Children Society, we are dedicated to make positive changes with a vision of family health, community well-being, and cultural prosperity.

Our values are based on The Seven Sacred Teachings.


At the Spirit of the Children Society, we are dedicated to make positive changes with a vision of family health, community well-being, and cultural prosperity.        Our values are based on the Seven Sacred Teachings.

To know of these things is to know the truth

We trust in the Creator and to know these sacred teachings to be true; we strive to be sincere in our words, actions, and character; we try to walk our talk in all things; being true to self, to our brothers and sisters, and to the Ancestors, who witness our efforts.

To walk through life with integrity is to know honesty

We are determined to speak the truth; to be honest with self and with others; to be faithful to fact and reality, in our words and our actions; we will recognize who we are and where we come from; striving always to engender truthfulness and trust with each other and everyone we encounter.

To face life with courage is to know bravery

We strive for the courage to do the right things even in the most difficult times; to teach our children to stand fast with the courage of their convictions; to act with sincerity and passion; to never give in, to never give up, to face life with hearts and spirits that are filled with courage of our ancestors, determined not to be silenced by fear.

To honour all of creation is to have respect

We understand that we are related to all of Creation; we honour the value of all people and all things with thoughtful consideration and sincere appreciation; we honour our ancestors, our children, our Elders; Mother Earth and Father Sky; we strive to show respectful regard for all things and to teach our children to do the same.

To cherish knowledge is to know wisdom

We cherish the wisdom of our Elders who guide us, their understanding, patience, and good sense gained through years of struggles and accomplishments; of suffering and joy; to walk always with grace, understanding the difference between positive and negative; inspiring in us a yearning for the richness of Elders’ wisdom.

To accept yourself as a sacred part of creation is to know humility

We acknowledge the inherent value of all humankind and recognize we are not greater nor lesser than another; we accept the sacredness of all life and of our place in the Circle; we take pride in our accomplishments but realize these victories belong to our community; we attempt always to walk with compassion, gentleness and patience.


To know love is to know peace

We collectively yearn for a sense of peace, harmony and belonging, like a baby in its mother’s arms; we recognize this need in all of us, male and female, young and old; to love and be loved, unconditionally; we ask the Creator for assistance with our attempts to create a welcoming environment for all people who come to us for assistance; we acknowledge the beauty of their hearts, their dreams, their lives, and are inspired by the radiance of it.